First State of the Region Address

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First State of the Region Address Empty First State of the Region Address

Post by Unovia on Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:37 pm

C. A. S. State of the Region Address
Good evening. I am Ben Connors, Leader of Unovia. I want to speak to the region today about the State of the Region. The state of the region is developing, but poised to be strong. We currently have 18 Nations in our Confederacy. Our influence is growing around the world, as we have 3 Embassies in construction. We also have 4 other Embassies in the works.
Even with all of this progress, more problems loom on the horizon, starting with the set up of the Constitution and building our Government. This will be no easy task. We must be ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. In 4 Days, we will have our Constitutional Convention. The hosting city will be Valgard City, Unovia. We encourage all nations to sign on to the forums and participate in this event. All nations must remember the reason we left World Alliance. We were not being represented to most of our satisfactions.
Rest assured, that injustice will not occur in this region. All nations in the Confederacy will have an opportunity to share opinions and contribute to the region.
We can prevail in the ability to build this region into a strong, productive power within Nation States.
God Bless The Confederacy of Allied States


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